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BF: Heechul (now that’s going to be fun)

Has a crush on you:Eunhyuk

First kiss:Leeteuk


No. of children:triplets o.O

Cockblocked by:Donghae <3

best friend: Leeteuk

Has a crush on you: Heechul ( oh really <33 aww i have a crush on you too *cough* i mean yeah)

first kiss: Donghae .. O_O okay ..

lover: Sungmin <33333333333 *jumps around*

no of children: 1

cockblocked by: Siwon LMAO this is so relevant

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    Heechul is my bestie. (So watch out.) Donghae has a crush on me, which is totally okay with me. Ryeowook was my first...
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    Best friend - Ryeowook Crush - Donghae First kiss - Heechul Lover - Sungmin # of children - 1 Cockblocked by - Kyuhyun
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    Best friend- Sungmin Has a crush on you- Leeteuk First kiss- Yesung Lover- Ryeowook No. of children- 4 Cockblocked by-...
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    Best Friend: Siwon Has a crush on you: Yesung First Kiss: Heechul Heechul No. of children: 1 PHEW! Cockblocked by:...
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    Lols.. Lover= Yesung *\(^o^)/* mansei!
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    Best Friend: Heechul Has a crush on you: Siwon First Kiss: Yesung Sungmin :3 No. of children: None F YES!!! Cockblocked...
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